Writing Fitness

I am a writer and a fitness fanatic. I’m also a writing coach and a certified personal trainer. So, I often think of the many ways in which these two worlds intersect. Recently, I’ve been thinking about one of the latest fitness gadgets—the fitbit—and how it can be adapted to writing. You put your fitbit on as you would a watch and then you go about your day. Your fitbit counts all the steps you take, measures the distance you walk, calculates the number of calories you burn, etc.. It’s like having a personal coach following you around and encouraging you all day. And let’s say you set a goal of walking 5,000 steps one day. Maybe you find that you reached that goal without much effort or inconvenience. The next day, you set a goal of 7,000 steps.

So, here’s a simple suggestion for an extremely low-tech writer’s version. Let’s call it the Writer’s Band. Take a rubber band and put a number on it. How many words do you want to write today? 200? 500? 3,000? Write the number on your Writers’ Band and then put it on your wrist. There it is to remind and encourage you. All day. Don’t take it off until you’ve written those words. Once you’ve finished your writing, transfer the band to the other wrist—a reminder that you achieved your goal! You may find that 200 words weren’t nearly as painful as you thought they would be. So, the next day, you try for 250 words. Congratulations! You are on your way to writing fitness.