Writing coaching

Writing coaching:  For writers who need a push: someone to set deadlines, to keep you writing, to brainstorm with you, to keep your ideas flowing, to get your work finished.

I am a writer. I know how hard it is to get in the chair and to stay in the chair to get your  writing done. I will set deadlines for you and review your schedule and help you find time to write. If you are stuck, I can help you by reading the piece you are working on and brainstorming with you to find out what your intentions are for the piece. Sometimes a piece of writing develops a mind of its own and strays from our original plans for it. I can read your piece and discuss it with you to help you determine its direction. If you are still in the idea stage, I can help you move those ideas from your head to the page.

By phone or e-mail.

Rate: $50 per one hour session. 10% discount for packages of 5 sessions or more.