College Application Essay Consulting

College Application Essay Consulting:    For anyone writing an application essay to college.

*I am excited to announce that the HS student I mentor through Girls Write Now has won a full scholarship to Dickinson College.*

What’s your story? That’s what the admissions directors at colleges want to know. Your application essay should be a story of you. How will you show the readers of your essay that you are unique, that you have something special to offer as a student and a person?

I will help you find and write that story. We will brainstorm about experiences in your life and then we will find a way to tell that story that highlights  your uniqueness and your fearlessness to tell the truth. The first essay I ever published was one entitled “Learning From Our Mothers.” You might be thinking “how predictable and dull.” But my essay was about behaviors I learned from my mother that I did not want to repeat with my daughter. My learning was a different kind of learning, and that’s what caught the editor’s attention. With your unique story, you’ll catch the admission director’s attention.

Rate: $100/hour; packages available.