dscn2554Welcome to Write-Goals.

My name is Joann Smith.

I am a published writer, and an experienced editor, teacher, and writing coach.

I will help you achieve your writing goals. 

Services Provided:

  • MANUSCRIPT EDITING:  For writers who have completed a partial or entire draft of a short story, essay, article, play, or  novel and need a thorough and honest critique. See more.
  • TUTORING: For students of all levels who want to write stand-out essays. See more.
  • COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAY WRITING:  For anyone writing an application essay. See more.
  • WRITING COACHING: For writers who need a push: someone to set deadlines, to keep you writing, to brainstorm with you, to keep your ideas flowing, to get your work finished.  See more.


For a free consultation contact me at joannsmith.writegoals@gmail.com.

Find my novel, When I Was Boudicca, at Amazon and at Goodreads: